Helite E-turtle Electronic

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Our bestseller on the road in electronic version! Discreet and optimal protection to be worn over any motorcycle garment. This wireless vest provides ultra-fast fall detection and excellent protection of vital areas.


  • Gros volume d'airbag

    Big protection volume: Helite airbags offer the biggest protection volume on the market between 17L and 28L.  The unique shape of the airbag absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from head to tailbone.


  • TURTLE technology: a SAS-TEC level 2 back protector was added to the airbag to distribute the impact forces over the entire airbag. This technology significantly improves energy absorption and reduces the risk of intrusion.


  • système mécanique

    Electronic system: A set of on-board sensors analyze the situation in real time. This multi-sensor technology enables 360° detection and covers a wide range of accidents: from 0km/h, at low speed and at any angle of impact.


  • option capteur fourche

    Fork sensor (optional): autonomous for 5 years, the fork sensor is easily installed on the motorcycle. It covers more accidents (from 0km/h, when stationary) and divides the accident detection by 2.



    Reusable: Our the system can be reactivated in 2 minutes by yourself, you only need to change the e-cartridge.


Our airbag systems are CE certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, a recognized and independent institute that certifies Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for motorcyclists.

Register your airbag to extend the limited 2 years warranty to 4 years warranty.