Dainese D’air II



Dainese Smart D-Air® V2 Airbag Vest – Motoutlet/Moto outlet/Motorkleding

The Smart Jacket can be worn over or under any jacket or outfit, requires no connection to the motorcycle, is ventilated and easily foldable. It combines all the advantages of the latest generation of Dainese D-air® in a simple garment that can be worn anywhere.

All the safety of the Dainese airbag system used in MotoGP™, developed over 25 years of research and testing on the road and on the track, is now combined in a simple jacket suitable for any use on the road. The Smart Jacket monitors what is happening around the motorcyclist 1000 times per second and activates the Shield always and only when it is really necessary. This ensures maximum protection for the wearer. A freedom that did not exist before and that you will no longer want to do without.


  • abrasion and tear resistant
  • ventilated and breathable
  • anti-pilling material
  • can be worn over or under motorcycle clothing
  • adjustable waist system
  • D-air® airbag technology used in MotoGP™ is now available for everyone
  • versatile vest suitable for every motorcyclist
  • means freedom and protection in one
  • adapts to any outfit
  • highest level of safety, with no restrictions on road use
  • protects the back and vital parts of the body with the Shield (special patented microfilament airbag that absorbs shocks without the need for rigid protectors)
  • provides the same protection as 7 back protectors, but covers a larger surface area and is less bulky than a back protector
  • Smart Jacket’s control unit is a brain that senses and analyzes everything that happens around the motorcyclist
  • 7 sensors check and process data 1000 times per second
  • complex algorithm activates the airbag in case of slipping, dropping, collision with an obstacle or other vehicle, as well as rear-end collisions
  • first airbag system for motorcyclists whose algorithm reacts even in the event of an impact when the vehicle is stationary
  • rechargeable battery
  • waterproof sensor


  • standard: back airbag: procedure directive 2016/425, level 1, EN 1621-4 CB L1 / chest airbag: procedure directive 2016/425, level 2, EN 1621-4 L2
  • operating time: up to 26 hours
  • protected areas: back, chest