Richa - Baracuda 1pc suit



* High quality cow leather
* Nylon stretch for ergonomic fitting
* Skin-to-skin experience thanks to the soft polymesh lining
* D30 protectors at elbows, shoulder & knee in accordance
with EN1621-1:2012 (Level 1)
* D30 back protector in accordance with EN1621-2:2014(Level 1)
* Outside shoulder cap as extra protective layer
* Racing hump on the upper back for optimal aerodynamics and neck support
* Safety stitching in high risk zones
* Knee sliders separately available
* Ergonomic race fitting
* Perforated leather zones ensure an optimal body climate
* Adjustable position of the D30 elbow & knee protectors
 This is the perfect combination for the sporty rider.
By using nylon stretch this suit has an ergonomic fitting.
Perforated leather ensures that you can keep the body cool in every circumstance. This suit also
uses racing hump and knee sliders, to push yourself and your bike to the limit in safe conditions.