AMP Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit



AMP Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit

Build on the breaking HBC series, the new AMPlified series includes a faster, more powerful processor than its predecessor. Upgraded to Bluetooth® 4.2. The AMP includes our full duplex intercom technology, dual bike to bike communication. so chat it up as you head down the highway or rock out to your favorite band with the new Boost Plus speaker system. The Boost Plus has a exceptional clarity for intercom and Boost Bass for music playback. Our patented noise canceling ABF® technologyeliminates most external noise. And our DSP® algorithms triangulate your voice’s “Sweet Spot”for clean voice communication.

CLEARLink Mobile App

Enjoy the ultimate convenience with the CLEARLink mobile app available now from UCLEAR Digital. For use with the AMP helmet audio and communication system, the industry-exclusive mobile app allows users to update firmware and customize preferences wirelessly from any Smartphone or tablet.

Boost Plus Audio

The AMP audio system includes the patented Boost Plus speaker and microphone combination. The Boost Plus features a pair of hi-fidelity speakers and industry-exclusive concealed microphones that deliver top-of-the-line audio and voice clarity in an unobtrusive package. Designed for any full face helmet, the 30mm driver delivers powerful Hi-Fi audio with crisp, clean voice clarity for exceptional phone and intercom communication. Engineered for quality, the driver and microphone are integrated into a single housing for a simple, lightweight solution that can be installed in minutes without tools.